Valores y estatutos

Culture is not an exclusive attribute of the bourgeoisie. The so-called “ignorant” are educated men and women who have been denied the right to express themselves and are therefore subjected to live in a “culture of silence.”.
Paulo Freire

Values ​​and Methodology of Action

Valores sociales

Social Values Solidarity. We are moved by the ‘feeling of belonging to a community’ in which, without distinction of any kind, we must establish bonds of unconditional collaboration with those populations that are subjected to critical enviroment and where the physical and moral integrity is at high risk.

Independence. We are a non-party entity that does not establish relations of dependence with any party of political or economic power. This way, we defend our autonomy to achieve the objectives that we propose.

Interculturality. refugiARTe departs from the principle of respecting all cultures, without considering one superior to another, with the aim of demonstrating the benefits that all this entails thus creating a single diverse and inclusive citizenship. In this way, we believe that people are much more than the legal status given to them or their ethnic origin. That is why we want to enhance the capacities of each person in their artistic stream pushing aside the labels of ‘refugee’ or ‘immigrant’ that condition them in their social life.

Synergies. The basis of collaboration between the network of participating actors in refugiARTe is based on a cooperation where all the results are the sum of the efforts that together we do. We want to work shoulder to shoulder with all the organizations and projects with which we establish bridges.

Empowerment. Restoring power relations in today’s world is a challenge which the project members welcome, both for the users of the entity, the collaborators of civil society, and for the artistic community, so that they become vital actors for social transformation.


Development Values

Transparency. The methodology of work, as well as the entity’s own economic management, will be carried out as clearly as possible so that refugiARTe is an example of accountability and democracy. Thus, refugiARTe is an association of people that addresses the challenges put in a positive way with the assumption of the causes and effects derived from their actions.

Creativity. The artistic nature of refugiARTe gives it the ability to create new ideas and concepts for the cultural projects it develops, seeking the best formulas for innovation and improving the quality of life of the users of its services.

Sustainability. All refugiARTe projects will seek for maximum use of available resources and will cause the least damage possible to the surrounding environment as well as showing respect for the environment in general.


Statutes and reports of the association

Statutes – Spanish version PDF

Statutes – Catalan version PDF