Red de colaboraciones


Here is the list of artists who support us and collaborate with us:

Amparanoia (music)

Casimiro Funk (music)

David de Tumbaos (music)

Enric Pladevall (sculpture)

Esteve Canet (literature)

Ferran Gallén (photography)

Greenvaley (music)

Harry Callahan (music)

Ignasi Cussó (music)

Ishmael Sustraivibez (music)

Jabu Morales (music)

Jeites (music)

Joan Alvado (photography)

Jorge Guibernau (music)

Jose Antonio Sempere (photography)

Juanjo Surace (illustration)

Juli Piris (music)

Khalid el Bekay (painting)

Laura Iniesta (painting)

Lluís Nutty (music)

Machito Bogaloo (music)

Manu Gomez (photography)

Mar Maglorie (illustration)

Marc Ribera (performing arts)

Marco Panzetti (photography)

Màrius Brossa (painting ans sculpture)

Miguelito Superstar – Fundación Tony Manero (music)

Mireia Massana Salvador (painting)

Mohammad Bitari (literature)

Mónica Parra (photography)

Mónica Sanchez (conceptual art)

Outer Space (music)

Quique Sánchez – Lowbeat (music)

Rapsuskley (music)

Roba Estesa (music)

Samuel Aranda (photography)

Santiago Bayón (performing arts)

Soweto (music)

Sweet Marta (music)

The Sey Sisters (music)

The Slingshots (music)

Tito Carlos (music)

Tono Carbajo (photography)

Viven (music)

Wax & Boogie (music)

Will Wintercross (photography)

Yonomella (music)

Zoé Renié Harris (music)


Entities that support us and with which we collaborate:


Refugees Aid Barcelona


Barri Obert