About us

We are an association of committed people that belong to the social and art world. Through our work, we offer solidarity and support to the people who suffer the most terrible consequences from emigrating from their native countries due to conflicts that endanger their physical and psychological wellbeing. The mission of the refugee program is to improve the quality of life of the people forced to move from their homes, through different expressions of art.

The mission of refugee is to improve the quality of life of people forced to move from their homes through art in its different expressions.

What do we do?

Workshops. We offer different workshops for free. Such artistic creation comes in various ways: music, dance, painting, photography, etc. The service users include all those who ask for international protection in the territory and cannot assume the expenses of these activities.

Organization of events. We organize different types of artistic events with entities and artists from our network.


Si quieres más información sobre la asociación, los talleres, formas de colaborar, voluntariado, u otros motivos que se te ocurran, no dudes en contactarnos a info@refugiarte.org