We offer different free workshops of artistic creation in the various disciplines: music, dance, painting, photography, etc. Some of the workshops can be group or individual, depending on the demand and the availability of staff, service users and resources.

The activites are for all those people that ask for international protection in the territory and that can not assume the expense of the these activites. The link with the entity happens, in all cases, by an analysis of the person’s situation who wants to do the workshops. In this sense, we are governed by our own criteria when implementing the work plan with a person. This could mean not taking into account the legal status that has been granted from the public administration of goverment.

The objectives of these workshops are:

  • Use art as an expression tool.
  • Benefit from the therapeutic side of art.
  • Expand the relative network of the users with the local community in an inclusive way.
  • Empower user so they can make their own artistic exhibitions or workshops.
  • Perform a fun activity.

If you have any artistic concerns or dominate any particular discipline, do not hesitate to contact us.

Events management.

We organize artistic events of all kinds thanks to the collaboration established with entities and artists of our network.

There are different types of events:

  • Events planned and developed by the association.
  • Events on demand or co-production of events.
  • Events with a donated space.

The objectives of these activities are:

  • To raise funds for the implementation of artistic workshops and for the financing of allied projects in the field.
  • Awareness of the general public about the situation of displaced persons.
  • Support to other entities that need it.
  • Revaluation of artistic work as a transformation tool.